Acoustic Atlas features in Ivan Doig symposium

Hear stories and sounds of weather, water, wildlife, and work in the landscapes of author Ivan Doig. Join Acoustic Atlas team members for their session at Doig Country: Imagining Montana and the West, a free symposium at Montana State University on the life and works of the acclaimed Western author.

Session: The Wind from Eden: Soundscapes of Ivan Doig
When: 3:45-5:00pm, Friday, September 15
Where: Innovative Learning Studio, Montana State University Library, Bozeman, MT

Learn how the intersection of the Ivan Doig archive and the Acoustic Atlas at Montana State University Library inspired our effort to capture auditor vignettes of Doig’s landscapes along Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front and Shields River Valley as well as parts of Northwestern Washington.  The session will discuss how these recordings contribute to the Acoustic Atlas, the Ivan Doig collection, and MSU Library programs, partnerships, and outreach.


We hope to see you there!

Presented by Acoustic Atlas Program Director Jeff Rice and Program Manager Molly Arrandale.

August 21, 2017: Experience the Eclipse Across America

AllAmerica2015_outlinesDo you have plans for Monday, August 21? In case you’ve been living under a rock, on August 21, all of North America will experience a rare celestial event– a solar eclipse! Check out the Library’s display case for a Solar Eclipse-themed exhibit with photographs from the 1940s solar eclipse in Bozeman and other fascinating eclipse materials. Below, we have compiled a list of viewing opportunities and events happening at the MSU Library.

Viewing Options

Happy Eclipse Viewing! 

Interested in additional information about the eclipse and suggested reading?

Check out the Library Guide, The All-American Eclipse: Total Solar Eclipse 2017.

An Invitation to Doig Country: Imagining Montana and the West

You’re invited to join us September 13-16, 2017 for Doig Country: Imagining Montana and the West, a free symposium at Montana State University on the work of acclaimed Montana author Ivan Doig!

The symposium will feature:

  • Numerous panels about a variety of topics relating to Ivan and the West
  • Tours of the Ivan Doig Archive in the MSU Library
  • A new film debuted by Carol Doig about Ivan’s life and work
  • Prominent speakers such as Patty Limerick, Carol Doig, Lois Welch (author and wife of James Welch), Nancy Cook, and Rebecca Saletan (Ivan’s long-time editor)
  • A public book discussion of This House of Sky
  • Related art exhibitions
  • A poetry reading
  • An optional field trip to White Sulphur Springs—a chance to visit Doig Country

See the full program schedule here


Everything except the field trip is free, but please register so that we can guarantee seats and refreshments for all.


This event is brought to you by the College of Letters and Science, the Center for Western Lands and Peoples, and the MSU Library.

Please contact with any questions.

Acoustic Atlas at the State Fair

Ivan Doig in Montana. Photo courtesy of Carol Doig.
Ivan Doig in Montana. Photo courtesy of Carol Doig.
Ivan Doig in Montana. Photo courtesy of Carol Doig.

Audio recordings from the Acoustic Atlas will be featured at the Big Sky Country State Fair in Bozeman from July 19 – 23. Soundscapes of rodeo events, livestock and the natural environment will accompany an MSU Library exhibit celebrating the life and work of the late novelist Ivan Doig.

In 2016, the Acoustic Atlas conducted several recording trips tracing locations featured in Doig’s writings as part of the library’s new Ivan Doig archive. Doig was raised in Montana and spent much of his life writing about his experiences. He wrote more than 16 books of fiction and non-fiction.

You can read more about the Doig exhibit in an article published last May in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. 

Sounds of the prairie

A windy morning on the Montana prairie. Photo by Jeff Rice.
A windy morning on the Montana prairie. Photo by Jeff Rice.
A windy morning on the Montana prairie. Photo by Jeff Rice.

The library’s Acoustic Atlas just returned from an incredible recording trip to the American Prairie Reserve in north-central Montana.

If you haven’t heard of the American Prairie Reserve, it is part of an ambitious effort to preserve a huge portion of Montana’s vanishing grasslands. All told, its organizers hope to stitch together about three million acres of prime prairie habitat. If successful, they will create the largest nature reserve in the continental United States — plenty of space for these coyotes (see recording below) calling under the stars last Sunday at about 2:00 AM.