How do I save my file?

Once you’ve received your document and are viewing it in Acrobat Reader, all you need to do is select the File option from the pull down menu and choose Save As. Type in a filename which relates to the actual document and be sure to include the .PDF extension so that Acrobat Reader will recognize the file type should you wish to view the document again.

It is suggested that you save any downloaded file prior to printing.

Please keep in mind that it is against copyright law to make or forward copies of articles to others. It also tends to gobble up considerable amounts of hard drive space by keeping old documents around. A good practice may be to delete any documents once your papers or classes are finished.

My article no longer shows in the list, what happened?

There are two primary reasons why an article previously listed on the download page will disappear:

  • You clicked on the DELETE button for that article.While we encourage you to remove any documents which are no longer needed, you need to be very sure of that prior to clicking the DELETE button. There is no un-do feature incorporated into the software that will correct an “oops” Once you click on the button, the document is gone from your account! Please contact the Interlibrary Loan office to redeliver this document back into your account.
  • The document was purged from the server after the maximum of 30 days. This eliminates an accumulation of documents on the server which are no longer needed and haven’t been removed by the user.

Why does my Internet browser lock up on me?

Even though the document delivery website has been developed to be compatible with nearly any browser, there may be times when your browser appears to stop working, or lock up. If this appears to be the case, we recommend that you contact the appropriate technical help staff from the Library Tech Help (406) 994-3171, your department, or ITC (Information Technology Center) Help Desk at (406) 994-1777.