Where do I pick up an ILL item?

All books requested through Interlibrary Loan Services can be picked up at the MSU Library Circulation Desk on the first floor of Renne Library. Your
(or authorized user’s) ID is required to pick up ILL materials. Most articles may be downloaded via the web through your ILLiad account. If a photocopy of an article was received, and you have a campus mailbox, it will be sent through campus mail. Otherwise, it should be picked up at the MSU Library Circulation desk, this only applies if the article provided does not scan well. If you are a distance patron (more than 60 miles from campus), books will be mailed to you; articles will be scanned and delivered electronically.

My article no longer shows in the list, what happened?

There are two primary reasons why an article previously listed on the download page will disappear:

  • You clicked on the DELETE button for that article.While we encourage you to remove any documents which are no longer needed, you need to be very sure of that prior to clicking the DELETE button. There is no un-do feature incorporated into the software that will correct an “oops” Once you click on the button, the document is gone from your account! Please contact the Interlibrary Loan office to redeliver this document back into your account.
  • The document was purged from the server after the maximum of 30 days. This eliminates an accumulation of documents on the server which are no longer needed and haven’t been removed by the user.

May I renew an ILL book?

If a renewal is allowed, one renewal may be granted. Please check the bookstrap for renewal status as not all items can be renewed. You may request a renewal online via your ILLiad account or by contacting the ILL office BEFORE the due date. After a renewal is requested, you may hold onto the item until notified by ILL staff of the new due date. Interlibrary loan books are subject to recall by the lending library.

What can I request through ILL?

Most books, journal articles, video recordings, and audio recordings may be requested, although many libraries do not loan audio/visual (AV) materials. (You may want to check local resources such as the Bozeman Public Library or Hastings.). If you have any questions, please see an ILL staff member or reference librarian.

Many libraries lending to MSU will refuse interlibrary loan requests for the following materials that another that they might not be able to loan: print newspapers, maps, reference books, recently published books, materials on reserve or in demand at the lending library, rare items or volumes from special collections. If you are requesting a periodical, most libraries will supply a photocopy of the desired article rather than loan an entire issue or volume.
Course Textbooks and ILL

The library does not borrow required class textbooks via interlibrary loan since:

  • Most of our partner libraries do not lend textbooks.
  • Most libraries do not purchase textbooks.
  • The very few libraries that do have textbook collections reserve them for their campus use only.
  • Interlibrary loans typically circulate for two to three weeks, not an entire term.
  • Failure to return items when due will result in fines, suspension of borrowing privileges, blocked registration, and may jeopardize future borrowing by the MSU Library from that lending library for any MSU student.

Your textbooks are designed to give you the basic framework for your classes. The library’s collections and services provide supplementary materials to augment your textbook. MSU Library’s reference librarians provide in-depth research assistance and information for your class, lab, studio, and field work. If you have more questions about this ILL policy, please contact Mary Guthmiller.