How do I cite sources?

We have style sheet guide handouts at the reference desk and online style sheets for the American Psychological Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA), and Turabian/Chicago styles.

If you are looking for other style guides, you can often find them online from other libraries. Here are a few examples:

  • American Chemical Association (ACS) quick guide or in print in reference at QD8.5.A25 2006
  • American Institute of Physic (AIP) Style Manual (free online) or in print in reference at QC5.45.A45 1990
  • American Sociological Association (ASA) 3rd ed. (2007) guide or see the full manual in reference at HM569.A54 2007
  • And more links at Purdue’s OWL

Is there someone in the library who can help me use the resources, find information or help me with my research project?

Reference Librarians can help you find specific facts and figures, teach you how to use the catalog and databases, or help you with other more complex research needs. Librarians are available at the reference services desk (located on the first floor of the Renne Library) for drop in assistance as well as by telephone (994-3171), email, chat, IM, and by appointment. Please visit our Reference Services page for more information including a list of reference librarians by their subject liaisons.