Congratulations 2008 MSU Graduates

The MSU Libraries extends congratulations to our 2008 graduates. As information experts, we’ve enjoyed being a partner in providing you with the necessary tools to support your academic needs.  Again, congratulations on your success, and best wishes on your future endeavors.

The Survey Says…

In March, we asked faculty, staff and students to complete a survey about library services and what they would like from the library. The Association of Research Libraries tabulated, evaluated and otherwise analyzed the results, which are available for review in pdf format. Check out what the campus had to say about library services and resources!

Heathcote Classroom Opens for Student Lab Use

Beginning April 21, 2008 until the end of the semester, Heathcote Classroom’s twenty-four computers will be available for student use on a first come first serve basis. Students who use the classroom may be asked to relocate and empty the room before scheduled library instruction sessions, so please plan accordingly and save your work often. Check out our Tips Spotlight for further information.

Computer Tips for the End of the Semester

1. Save your Documents! When working on Library computers, save your files to either your Z drive or flash drive. Documents in the Saved Documents folder are erased each night or whenever a computer is restarted.

2. Jazz up your final paper with color images and charts. A color printer is available in the Library. The cost is $0.50/page. Alas, your $7.50 of free printing cannot be used towards color printing. Ask your librarian for instructions on how to print in color.

3. Remember that our printers print double sided. To print singled sided, you need to change it manually through the properties feature in the print box.

Free Access to Additional RSC Titles in April

The library subscribes to some of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) journals online, but we can not afford all of them. However, through the end of this month, the RSC is letting us have access to all their journals from 1997-present. They should all be accessible via the JournaList as of tomorrow, or you can get to them now (from on campus) at
While we wish we could afford all the RSC titles, at least we can enjoy all the RSC titles back to 1997 while we have access during the month of April.

Book Homecoming

Books that were damaged in the January flood returned to Renne Library, Monday, March 17, 2008, after being dried through a freeze-drying process. Find out more from MSU’s News Service.

New Happenings with the DVD/video Collection

Good news! The Libraries have lengthened the checkout time for DVDs and videos from 3 days to 7 days. Double the time, double your viewing pleasure.

We will also be making some changes to the DVD collection. Currently, the DVDs are housed in the basement with the physical DVD locked in the case. We will be taking the items out of the cases and housing them behind the Circulation Desk. As this will be an ongoing project, items that have been moved to the Circ Desk will have labels on them reading “Disk at Circ desk, please take DVD case up to Circ desk to checkout DVD.” Videotapes will remain in their cases in the basement. See the Q&A section below for additional information.

Why is the Library making these changes?

Due to some thefts that the Library experienced last spring, a decision was made to move the DVDs to the Circulation Desk. We hope this will provide you with better access because you can’t check out a DVD if it has been stolen. However, we realize the importance of browsing a DVD/video collection so the cases will be left in the basement for you to peruse.

Will I have to do anything different to check out a DVD?

The practice of checking out a DVD will remain the same for you. You will still either search the catalog or browse the collection in the basement. When you find a DVD you would like to check out, bring the case to the circulation desk (as you normally would). The circulation folks will get the DVD from the cabinet, place it in the DVD case and check it to you.

Will I have to wait longer to get the materials checked out?

The checkout exchange should not take any longer. Currently, when you bring a DVD to desk, a staff member needs to unlock the cases. This practice will be eliminated. In lieu of unlocking the cases, staff will retrieve the DVD from the cabinet.

Printing and Network outage

Systems sent a notification on Wednesday, February 20, 2008 stating:

“There will be no ITC Network or servers running Saturday 2/23 from 8am-12pm. ITC will be shutting everything down to work on the AC system. Printing and network traffic will be unavailable during that time.”

Please plan accordingly and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Message from the Dean

The Libraries will begin a phased reopening on Thursday (1/31/08). We sincerely appreciate the concern expressed by so many students and faculty over the last two days.


  • Circulation Desk and Reference Desk will be up and running.
  • Computers on the second floor will be available.
  • Third floor study area around the fountain will be open
  • Fourth floor will be open


  • Third floor dormer and group room area will remain closed
  • Special Collections is closed
  • Most of the raised part of first floor (including the still wet computer area) will be roped off
  • Parts of second floor with damp or rippled carpet will be roped off

We hope to have move computers available by Thursday afternoon. Open/Closed areas may shift as workmen move through the building.

We also recognize the hard work and quick response of over 70 committed people from the libraries, facilities services, custodial services, and so many more who responded to this emergency. We apologize for the obvious inconvenience of a closed library and are delighted to welcome students back into the building.

–Tamara Miller, Dean of Libraries