What Are You Reading?

Renne Library wants to know what students at MSU consider a “good read” – a book you’d recommend to any student. 

Why do we want to know? Reading is a communal activity and recommendations from students can help introduce other students and the entire MSU community to great stories, ideas, and experiences that are important to you.

To make it easy to find these recommendations, the MSU Library is creating a popular reading section in the coffee bar area of the Library Commons (1st floor) that will include books, magazines, and journals. There we’ll feature books students like to read: fiction or non-fiction, serious or light, short or long… books that encourage conversation, creativity, discovery…and relaxation!

How can you get your book suggestions  to us?

This new popular reading area will be created over the summer. We’d like your recommendations by May 3 in order to process the books in time for fall.


Thank you for taking the time to help us create this area! If you have questions about this project, contact Jan Zauha, Reference Librarian, at jzauha@montana.edu

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