Rethinking Library Spaces (Redux) – Think Tank: Emerging Technologies, Meeting 24

Hi, Everyone,

This week in ThinkTank, Doralyn is going to take us through some of her pictures and thoughts on her visit to the Hunt Library at North Carolina State University for the Designing Libraries for the 21st Century conference.

I would like to frame our discussion around the idea of responsible integration of technology and emerging learning spaces. Hugh Rundle’s essay offers a measured “counter-response” to some of these ideas. If you have time, please read it and have a look at the Hunt Library promo video below.

See you all tomorrow in CR1 at 12 noon.


Resources for the Discussion:

The Hunt Library Story

Mission Creep – A 3D Printer Will Not Save Your Library
Hugh Rundle

Questions for the discussion:

1. How do we balance “technolust” with responsible integration of emerging technologies?

2. Are libraries really just concerned with content and not containers? (See Rundle’s essay.)

Notes from the discussion:

Every book its unique id – Bookbot changes cataloging rules at NCSU Hunt Library

Faculty and graduate student common rooms – kitchen, study, lounge – Library as kitchen = creative activity

Visible, “fishbowl” meeting and study spaces – What is the logic behind them? Visualizing the research process?

Can you “architect” behavior? There was a breadcrumb architecture to the design of the library space. Lead people to interesting spaces…

Are there online equivalents to the Hunt Library physical space? “It’s just a really great building.” Shouldn’t our conversations about library include digital, virtual entities?

Group started to talk about museum and library hybrids. Examples included University of Calgary Library ( and Delft Public Library (

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