Think Tank

From the invite to Think Tank:
I have spoken with most of you about the “think tank” idea. I was hoping to meet on the 3rd Wednesday of every month over the lunch hour. Our focus will be emerging technologies and what new technology developments might mean for information distribution and consumption (usually looking within the library setting). A typical meeting will involve discussing some articles/essays, a compelling project, or an opinion to get the conversation started. The expectation is that everyone will have read or reviewed the pieces/projects and is ready to chat about it. Occasionally, we might look to create “beta” projects to see if our ideas have some gravity. (Most of this work will fall to the DAWS team, but there may be roles for people who are interested.) A list of current beta projects is available here:

It’s in the interest of generating ideas and learning about emerging technologies that I’m gathering our group together. It will be a mix of the provocative and the banal and I’m looking forward to our conversations about where libraries might be headed.

Three Rules of Think Tank

  • Rule #1: We tried that before. It didn’t work.
  • Rule #2: Everyone must contribute.
  • Rule #3: Go forth and share.
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